Membership Growth

Interel has a tremendous track record of growing and strengthening the membership of nonprofit organizations through a focus on developing benefits that resonate and matter. We help nonprofits grow and retain members through customized recruitment strategies, benefit packages and engagement programs, tailored to your association or society’s unique needs.

At Interel, our associates develop an approach that supports a better understanding of how to track, retain and cement member loyalty. We provide the support and guidance an association needs to stay on top of demographic changes while maintaining highly valued core programs.  Interel membership strategies might focus on:

  • Assisting and advising volunteer leaders in assessing and cataloging all membership opportunities
  • Maintaining a single comprehensive AMS database for members to include a robust community platform that will drive collaboration and ignite conversation
  • Assessing opportunities to enhance member services by understanding your value proposition and selling what matters
  • Analyzing member retention rates to assess why members fail to renew and them finding solutions
  • Defining opportunities in programs and services to meet member needs and expectations
  • Implementing retention programs that engage new members and promote participation and volunteerism
  • Develop comprehensive promotion, marketing and social media plans to drive member attendance

The success of membership recruitment and/or retention campaign begins with the input of volunteer leaders and with assigned staff’s focus on themes that catch the attention and imagination of specific target audiences.  An infographic showing Interel client member growth rates, can be found here:  OUR INFOGRAPHIC

WGR grew it’s industry partners by 72% from 2015 to 2016 with Interel
AHF’s conference attendance grew by 17% after just 9 months with Interel
NASAO grew its industry partners by 35% after just one year with Interel
SDPA’s revenue grew by 20% after just one year with Interel
BRPT attained a 254% growth in certificants after 10 years with Interel