Board and Volunteer Leaders Seeking Efficiencies and Expertise

Interel is a professional service firm that provides experienced staff, proven practices and shared infrastructure resources to help volunteer leaders achieve their goals, lead their organizations, serve their members, advance their professions or industry and all this with economies of scale and efficiencies which independently staffed  nonprofits are simply not able to achieve. By leveraging our management expertise we offer association leaders the ability to obtain customized, high-quality and cost-effective solutions to solve short or long term problems, seize emerging opportunities, address critical issues or improve the effectiveness of programs or initiatives.

The American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) Management Company section and the Association Management Company Institute (AMCI) serve the AMC community. Over 3000 non-profit organizations are managed by AMCs. Interel is the largest Washington, D.C. based association management company with a staff of about 80 professionals who provide management services to over 30 clients including full-service management, meeting and event services, communication services and organizational guidance.

The term full-service management means that Interel becomes an independent contractor and management partner to a nonprofit client board and provides a full range of services, facilities and assigned professional staff to manage and operate the organization and implement the goals and plan of work as determined by the board.  Interel’s services are customized to the needs of each organization and could include an array of headquarters activities, financial services, IT and ecommerce services, membership or certification services, meetings/event and exhibition services, marketing/communication services, government affairs and advocacy services, and education and professional development services, to name just a few.  We urge you to contact us with any questions or additional needs you may have.

Bruce Wardle, CAE
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Ryan Wall
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WGR grew it’s industry partners by 72% from 2015 to 2016 with Interel
AHF’s conference attendance grew by 17% after just 9 months with Interel
NASAO grew its industry partners by 35% after just one year with Interel
SDPA’s revenue grew by 20% after just one year with Interel
BRPT attained a 254% growth in certificants after 10 years with Interel